New EP ‘Pandemonium’

8, Sep 2023

Metallised’s new EP Pandemonium, soon to be released, builds on their demo album Awakenings, bringing in a slightly heavier sound, and further underlining their style and songwriting.

“It’s definitely a progression,” says frontman, Ian Reason. “Most of the original songs were written before I’d joined, so it’s exciting to have been involved in these songs from inception. We’ve grown as a band, and with a year of gigs under our belt, we’re tighter and more focused.” Elliott Porter, drummer, adds, “The audience has reacted notably better to the heavier songs, so we intentionally headed in that direction. That’s not to say we’ve lost any dynamics, and it’s important to us to remain varied in our set.”

The EP marks the debut of a new guitarist, and elder brother of Phil, Pete Rossiter. “When I knew they were looking for a second lead, I threw my hat in there right away”, he comments. “It’s fantastic to be playing with such a great bunch of musicians and standing across the stage from Phil again.” “It was important to us that we kept the comradery,” agrees Elliott. “We’ve known Pete for years, and we knew his playing is superb. He found his feet immediately and has pushed our abilities up another notch.”

So how do the new songs sound, and what are they about? It’s easier if the band tell you, in their own words:


The title track and opener, Pandemonium, was the first of the new songs we wrote together. This one is a five-way effort. Built on a riff idea with a feel of early Metallica, the verses came together pretty quickly. Elliott (as always) brought in the dynamics and tension into what might otherwise be a straightforward thrasher. Ian came up with the chorus strumming along at one writing session. Lyrically, the song is about people who drive you insane, who shout and scream to get the response they want. No one wants those people in their lives.

Your Gods

It is a song about the damage and pain caused by organised religion, without which there would be a lot less war and persecution in the world. It deals with how religions blame everything but themselves and how their inability to accept “outsiders” destroys what they believe they are supporting. This originally sounded a lot more like Painkiller-era Priest (you can hear it in the main riff), but it took its own shape as the song developed. Based on a piano ballad, believe it or not (Nigel still has the demo), it’s constantly moving musically, through killer riffs, heavy and lighter sections, but always resolving into the main hookline.

Fighting Back

Much more of a straightforward metal song, both in structure and lyrical content, this one is going to be an absolute banger live. From the opening soundscape to the fist-pounding chorus and dual harmony lead break, this is total NWOBHM mayhem with a nod to Terminator.

Halfway to Hell

Closing the EP is a 9+ minute heavy metal epic. Inspired by real events, it tells the story of a man forced into a kill-or-be-killed life of piracy who looks for an opportunity to escape. When he does, he finds no freedom, only prison and a death sentence for his crimes. The music reflects these changes, with the song constructed in three sections. You’re just settling into the traditional structure of the first verses and choruses when you’re hit with the extended instrumental middle section. Built on a 7/4 time signature and full of duelling guitars, the song builds and comes almost full circle to its final crescendo featuring over 18 vocal tracks. This one is going to be a challenge for us live, but you can guarantee it will feature in the live set.

Pandemonium will be released in Autumn 2023 via metallisedband.com and all good streaming services.


Photo by Camila Quintero Franco on Unsplash



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