Image of Phil Rossiter, guitarist with Metallised

Phil Rossiter

Guitar & vocals

Phil always knew he would play the guitar from singing made-up songs and playing a tennis racket from a very early age to sitting in his eldest brother’s bedroom watching Pete play to UFO and Rush albums to then buying a five-string broken acoustic guitar from a school fete at the age of 14 and than starting to learn to play this magical instrument.

After two years of intensive practising wearing out several records, Phil recorded some songs with his brother Rob on vocals and a couple of school friends playing drums and bass!

Phil was always interested in writing songs and progressed to founding Cry Paradise, a Weston based band, the highlight playing at the now-defunct Knightstone Pier.

Phil then realised that he wanted to progress his musical career and auditioned for Taz Harlem, where he met Nigel Davies and they went on to form Voodoo which Nigel has written about in his bio! After Voodoo unfortunately disbanded, Phil went on to be in Devious and Stone River Machine before taking a break musically.

Once Phil received a call from Nigel and Elliott to join a project with Karl Bauers called “Metallised” he knew that he had his second musical calling!


  • Manson Custom Built Guitars x 2
  • Fender HM Strat
  • Fender “Tom Morello” Strat
  • Gibson Flying V
  • Takamine EN20C Acoustic
  • Soldano Amps
  • Victory Amps
  • Various pedals
  • Ernie Ball Strings
  • Beyerdynamic microphones


  • Michael Schenker
  • Alex Lifeson
  • Eddie Van Halen
  • Gary Moore
  • George Lynch
  • Nuno Bettencourt
  • Warren De Martini
  • Paul Gilbert
  • Francis Dunnery

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