Image of Nigel Davies, bassist with Metallised

Nigel Davies

Bass & vocals

Born into a musical family, Nigel has been making music in one form or another for over 50 years. He grew up on a diet of Status Quo, Queen, male voice choirs and church organ music.

Graduating from his early childhood picking out movie themes on his grandparents’ piano, he first picked up a bass at the age of 14 and hasn’t looked back since (except to check whether the drummer is actually playing the same song).

Nigel gained a vast amount of songwriting and performance experience as a founding member of popular Bristol-based hard rock acts Taz Harlem and Voodoo. He has undertaken national tours and support slots with everyone from Diamond Head, Little Angels and Mama’s Boys, appeared on BBC’s Casualty, played funk rock, blues and even fronted a nine-piece soul band.


  • Manson custom 6-string E-bass
  • Dingwall & Ibanez 6-string basses
  • Darkglass, MXR & Source Audio pedals
  • Templeboard & Voodoo Labs power supplies
  • Markbass Little Mark III head & 12″ cabs
  • Line 6 Wireless & Monster Prolink cables
  • Beyerdynamic microphones


  • Cliff Burton
  • Steve Harris
  • Kip Winger
  • Billy Sheehan

Inspiring quote

“Have a good time, all the time” Viv Savage

You may not know this

Nigel is a qualified sports coach and martial arts instructor.



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