80’s influenced original Metal

Metallised is a classic heavy metal band based in the South West of England.

Drawing from a broad range of influences, Metallised has forged a timeless style and sound reminiscent of classic eighties metal, with a modern twist driven by high energy riffs and soaring choruses.

Forming the band

Drummer, Elliott Porter, guitarist, Phil Rossiter and bassist, Nigel Davies, had been playing together in hard-working covers and tribute bands playing regular gigs up and down the UK. They’d been discussing the idea of putting together an originals band to honour the styles of music they were playing, in particular the New Wave of British Heavy Metal. Drawing on their wide range of influences and previous bands (Elliott and Nigel had played together as the rhythm section for popular Bristol-based Voodoo in the late 80s and early 90s. Their aim was to recreate the feel of the early and mid-80s bands if not the exact sound.

“When you listen back to albums from that era, you hear something that has mostly been lost since,” comments Nigel. “Things are so much more two-dimensional these days. Whether that’s due to commerciality or label pressure isn’t important, but we decided we wanted to get back to that concept: to be able to play fast-paced balls-to-the-wall rockers alongside mid-paced anthems and ballads.”

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